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Neuropsychologist specialised in attention deficit disorder (ADHD), sleep disorders, and addiction - online consultations.



As a neuropsychologist in private practice, I specialise in screening for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and/or high potential in adults, as well as treating patients with sleep disorders or addiction. I offer diagnostic and therapeutic follow-up services through remote consultation. My goal is to support patients in managing their symptoms and improving their quality of life.


During my doctoral thesis, I conducted research on the neuropsychological and emotional deficits associated with chronic alcohol consumption. I found that many patients also exhibited symptoms of ADHD and sleep disorders. I decided to further my expertise in this field and developed therapeutic interventions targeting these disorders to improve treatment outcomes for patients suffering from ADHD, sleep disorders, and addiction.

  • Independent Neuropsychologist 2011 - present

  • Independent Psychologist 2017 - present

  • Professor at the University of Murcia, Spain 2020 - present (UCAM)

  • Ph.D. in Psychology and Education Sciences (UCL) - 2017

  • Master's degree in Psychology and Education Sciences (UCL) - 2011

  • Scientific research and publications.

  • Young adults, adults, seniors

  • Parental or professional burnout

  • Stress, anxiety, depression

  • Sleep disorders

  • ADHD - High potential

  • Alcohol/substance consumption


My consultations are conducted in French or English.

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